8 Depression Care Tips – Mistakes To Avoid 2023


Depression can have a profound effect on a person’s life. It is important to learn what to do and to say to anyone struggling with depression. Approaching people affected by this mental condition directly or indirectly with much understanding and sensitivity, is very crucial. Research shows that many people in the world struggle to find the right words to encourage or support people dealing with depression. Have you experienced this?

Globally, it is estimated that about 260 million people suffer from depression, and unfortunately, most people worldwide don’t know how to effectively treat, support, or deal with people struggling with it. Therefore the society needs to be enlightened on handling depression especially, in regard to things people should never say to anyone struggling with depression. All in all, here are tips on what to avoid saying in the year 2023.

Mistakes to avoid while handling depression


What you should avoid saying

  • Try to snap out of it.’’
  • ‘’It’s just in your mind.’’
  • “Why are you depressed?
  • “You only need to pray.
  • “Live, laugh and just be happy.”
  • “You need to be responsible enough to take care of yourself, just eat less, exercise and sleep more.
  • “Enough of this negativity.”
  • “Why think of yourself only?’’

1. Try to snap out of it.

No one can snap out of depression even if they wanted to. Thus, depression requires proper care, treatment, love and support.

2. It’s just in your mind.

Fighting and handling depressed people is so real, and it is not easy because it is a medical condition like any other. So, it therefore important to remember that chemical imbalances in the brain cause of depression. And even though one wants, nobody can wish or think this condition away.

3. Why are you depressed?

You literally have everything you need, while these are easy words to say, please bare in mind that even people with perfect lives can also suffer from this sickness. This means that it is never about what one has or does not have. Evidently even the rich, and the poor, can all get it.

4. You only need to pray.

Even though this is a key and very important point, since there is nothing impossible with God, you need to add comfort, support, and professional treatment. Further more, it is God who gave us Doctors.

5. Live, laugh and just be happy.

People who struggle with this sickness are not always responsible for their feelings. Such statements oppress them because people stigmatize them for a specific cause.

6. You need to be responsible enough to take care of yourself, just eat less, exercise and sleep more.

” True, this advice is beneficial but cannot cure depression since it is a condition that requires genuine support and treatment.

7. Enough of this negativity.

Depressed people experience negative feelings and thoughts, and sometimes it is a situation they cannot control.

8. Why think of yourself alone?

It is not necessarily that they think of themselves. In any case, they tend to neglect themselves. Evidently, these kinds of words are mean and selfish.

In conclusion, depression is caused by many factors for example, brain chemistry, genetics, hormonal imbalance, and real-life experiences or traumas. Consequently, when dealing with a depressed person, it is better to listen more, while avoiding to make assumptions and be less judgmental about why people suffer from this mental condition. Instead, those handling depressed patients should offer more encouragement and support. Finally, it is advisable to help them seek medical advice from a professional remembering that this mental state is curable and reversible. Handling anyone with this condition requires you to advocate for treatment, give love and support, to make it manageable.

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Is depression manageable?

Yes, depression is manageable and people struggling with it require assistance to seek professional medical advice, lots of love, support and encouragement to manage the affected ones .

Why do people struggle with depression?

Depression is caused by many factors, for example, brain chemistry, genetics, hormone imbalance, real-life experiences, and traumas.

How many people suffer from depression?

Nearly 260 million people suffer from this mental condition worldwide.

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