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Savings, ever wondered about tips and tricks people use to help them save while on low income and still afford to live comfortably?

After several great years of an amazing job that I loved so much and drew a good salary, COVID-19 popped, and oh my! Many of us only survived by the Grace of God. Almost everyone had to adjust and learn new ways of how to manage to live comfortably, on a low income and put some savings aside. 

Towards the beginning of this year, I wondered how people managed with low income through the tough season of COVID-19.  I did a little research and discovered a few tips people applied to afford a comfortable life and yet save some money. Many have continued to apply those methods to date. I am therefore, sharing a few tips to help you boost your savings.

Tips to increase your savings on low income

  1. Finish your stock in the fridge before restocking
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Cook at home
  4. Do your own repairs
  5. Be creative.
  6. Seize the opportunities
  7. Do your own personal care
  8. No Vacation in order to save on low income


Finish your stock in the fridge before restocking

  • From clothes to food there is always something extra at home, so before replenishing that fridge, use or cook what is available.
  • Avoid and reduce wastage, don’t overstock your fridge until food goes stale. Make something out of those leftover foods. Find leftover food recipes on the internet.
  • Make use of old clothes that you probably wore only once because you didn’t like them. Look for ways to spice that look and utilize them. Learn a few tips on this article on my blog
  • Avoid purchasing unnecessary items that you have an alternative to. Instead, save that extra cash in your savings account.
  • Purpose to shop in bulk, target to buy clothes while they are on sale, and food items in a wholesale store. It may be cheaper than retail saving you a coin or two.
  • Wait out for that special family recipe of the week. Use up all the leftovers in the fridge making sure nothing goes to waste. This reduces your grocery costs.

Plan ahead

  • Plan your time well especially if you are a family person to ensure you won’t be arriving home late and forced to stop by a fast food shop to buy dinner because children must sleep early.
  • Plan your day well in consideration of all your responsibilities, distance, and the size of your pocket. 
  • Pack a snack for your tea or lunch breaks at your workplace to avoid spending in that expensive snack place at the convenience store. Instead, enjoy a homemade snack/packed lunch in your car, office, or at the park.

Cook at home

  • .Avoid fast food shops, they are expensive, and they can be a health risk, for example, a source of food poisoning in case of food being mishandled. Because of it, this could blow up your budget with unnecessary medical bills that can be avoided.
  • Home-cooked food is always cheaper, healthier, and tastier. Avoid buying cooked meals at all costs because the best it can do is ruin your monthly budget.

Do your own repairs

  • Mend torn clothes yourself. Nowadays, it is easy to learn from the internet how to stitch or replace a button. Do it yourself, you don’t need to buy a new shirt that just requires a button replacement. You can fix that shoe, just glue it together, yes, you can and it might end up being fun.
  • Fix what you can, anything that needs repair or replacement, and you can do it, just do it. You may not need to engage that expensive plumber for some repair work that you can fix for yourself in a few minutes. Save that money in your savings account instead.
  • Own several repair tool kits, mending kits, first aid kits, and any other kits that you can directly use at home without having to spend more money outsourcing labor. This will help you save on a low income

Be creative on ways to boost your savings

  • Start a small side gig to generate a second income.
  • Take up a part-time job, or an online gig, or introduce your grocery store to the people near where you live.
  • The main idea is to start something that will generate a second line of income to complement your main job no matter how little as long as it is generating some profits.

Seize the opportunities.

  • Opportunities out there are many. Search for free and genuine opportunities, take advantage of them, and utilize them as much as you can.
  • Improve your skills. Take advantage of any credible free courses available for learning purposes. You could land greener pastures or an increase in your salary for sharpening your skills. I will be sharing some of the few credible platforms in my next blog, so be on the lookout.
  • Seek a free ride and if available, take advantage of that opportunity. If what you are traveling to do is not urgent, you could save yourself some cash and utilize it in another way or save it in your savings account.
  • Travel on Tuesday instead of Monday if you have to. Many people could disagree with this idea but when you understand why you are doing it, never mind.
  • If you are operating on a low income, start looking for opportunities out and about around the world that you can take advantage of. Examples are free courses, adventures, and samples, amongst others. Only be sure to be safe and ensure they are authentic, genuine, and reliable, before you engage yourself in any free products, or services.

Do your own personal care

  • Buy your own makeup kit, pick an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, and probably buy a shaving machine. You can do all this at home to avoid a visit to the spa, the gym, or the barbershop. Keep those savings in your account.

No Vacation in order to save on low income

  • Do not plan for any paid-up vacation packages that could be expensive.
  • Plan simple holiday adventures around you for relaxation. Be creative and organize some biking rides with like-minded people to go hiking, camping, or adventure walks near your home area.
  • Organize picnics and other inexpensive fun ideas that do not necessarily cost to plan or execute.
  •  Be creative to explore the area near you and create your own memorable times without having to overspend on a holiday trip.


Now you know that you need not break into a bank to live well, increase yours savings or enjoy a vacation. So pick what works well for you, save up some money, and live well, enjoying life and even getting to save on a low income earner. Share with us to enlighten one another about what works best for you.


If this post added value or was helpful to you, and you would like to see more, please share with a friend, comment, and let me know what else you may want to see in my blog. Thank you and I hope to interact with you again soon.


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